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Call NumberAuthorTitle
F BALDACCI,DBaldacci, DavidThe escape
F BALOGH,MBalogh, MaryOnly enchanting : a Survivor's Club novel
F BOYD,DBoyd, DanielEasy death
F BROOKS,MBrooks, Malcolm.Painted horses
F BURROWS,BBurrows, Bruce, 1946-The fourth betrayal
F CABOT,ACabot, Amanda, 1948-At Bluebonnet Lake : a novel
F CHICUREL,JChicurel, Judy.If I knew you were going to be this beautiful, I never would have let you go
F CHUTE,CChute, CarolynTreat us like dogs and we will become wolves
F CLARK,MClark, Mary HigginsThe Cinderella murder : an under suspicion novel
F CLEVE,PCleave, Paul, 1974-Five minutes alone : a thriller
F DE LA CRUZ,MDe la Cruz, Melissa, 1971-Vampires of Manhattan : the new Blue Bloods coven
F DEADHarris, CharlaineDead but not forgotten : stories from the world of Sookie Stackhouse
F DeBOARD,PDeBoard, Paula TreickThe fragile world
F DONALD,ADonald, Angus, 1965-Grail knight
F DRAPER,NDraper, NormanBackyard
F DUENAS,MDueñas, María, 1964-The heart has its reasons : a novel
F DUGONI,RDugoni, RobertMy sister's grave
F DUTTON,EDutton, ElizabethDriftwood : a novel
F EVANS,REvans, Richard PaulThe mistletoe promise : a novel
F FAM,CFam, Charlee.Last train to Babylon
F FARAH,NFarah, Nuruddin, 1945-Hiding in plain sight
F FLINT,EFlint, Eric.1636 : the Viennese waltz
F FORD,RFord, Richard, 1944-Let me be Frank with you : a Frank Bascombe book
F FURNIVALL,KFurnivall, Kate.The far side of the sun
F GILTROW,HGiltrow, Helen.The distance : a thriller
F GRANNEC,YGrannec, Yannick.The goddess of small victories
F GYLLENHAAL,LGyllenhaal, Liza.Bleeding heart
F HARROD-EHarrod-Eagles, Cynthia.Goodbye, Piccadilly : war at home, 1914
F HAZELGROVE,WHazelgrove, William Elliott, 1959-Real Santa
F HEALY,SHealy, Sarah, 1977-House of wonder
F HIGGINS,KHiggins, KristanIn your dreams
F HUNTER,JHunter, Julius.Priscilla & Babe: from slavery's shackles to millionaire bordello madams in Victorian St Louis.
F HUNTER,LHunter, Lindsay, 1980-Ugly girls
F JERUSALMY,RJerusalmy, Raphaël, 1954-The brotherhood of book hunters
F JIN,HJin, Ha, 1956-A map of betrayal
F JIO,SJio, SarahThe look of love : a novel
F JOHNSON,DJohnson, Denis, 1949-The laughing monsters
F KEHLMANN,DKehlmann, Daniel, 1975-F
F KING,SKing, Stephen, 1947-Revival : a novel
F KRIEN,DKrien, Daniela, 1975-Someday we'll tell each other everything
F LA SEUR,CLa Seur, CarrieThe home place
F LANDVIK,LLandvik, Lorna, 1954-Mayor of the universe : a novel
F LAURENS,SLaurens, Stephanie.By winter's light : a Cynster novel
F LEWIS,TLewis, Trudy.The empire rolls
F MADEN,MMaden, Mike.Blue warrior
F MALLERY,SMallery, Susan.The Christmas wedding ring
F MARGOLIN,PMargolin, Phillip.Woman with a gun : a novel
F McNEIL,GMcNeil, Gil, 1959-A good year for the roses : a novel
F MILLET,LMillet, Lydia, 1968-Mermaids in paradise : a novel
F MINATO,KMinato, Kanae, 1973-Confessions : a novel
F MODIANO,PModiano, Patrick, 1945-Suspended sentences : three novellas
F MUKHERJEE,NMukherjee, Neel.The lives of others
F MUNRO,AMunro, Alice, 1931-Family furnishings : selected stories, 1995-2014
F NEHME,FNehme, Farran Smith.Missing reels : a novel
F NEVILLE,SNeville, Stuart, 1972-The final silence
F NORMAN,ANorman, Andreas, 1972-Into a raging blaze
F OLSSON,FOlsson, Fredrik T., 1969-Chain of events : a novel
F PELLETIER,CPelletier, Cathie.A year after Henry
F PEREZ-RPérez-Reverte, Arturo.The siege : a novel
F PRESTON,DPreston, Douglas J.Blue labyrinth
F RASH,RRash, Ron, 1953-Something rich and strange : selected stories
F ROBERTSON,IRobertson, Imogen, 1973-The Paris winter : a novel
F SCHUMACHER,TSchumacher, Tony, 1967-The darkest hour
F SLATTERY,BSlattery, Brian Francis.The family hightower : a novel
F TADEMY,LTademy, Lalita.Citizens creek
F THAYER,NThayer, Nancy, 1943-An island Christmas : a novel
F TOEWS,MToews, Miriam, 1964-All my puny sorrows
F TUCKER,KTucker, K. A.Burying water : a novel
F VANDERSLICE,JVanderslice, John.Island fog
F VERYTerry, Kimberly Kaye.A very merry temptation
F WIEGENSTEIN,SWiegenstein, SteveThis old world
F WOODS,SWoods, Sherryl.The Christmas bouquet
F ZHENYUN,LLiu, ZhenyunI did not kill my husband : a novel
Call NumberAuthorTitle
M F BARRON,SBarron, Stephanie.Jane and the twelve days of Christmas : being a Jane Austen mystery
M F BENN,JBenn, James R.The rest is silence : a Billy Boyle World War II mystery
M F BESTConnelly, Michael, 1956-The best American mystery stories
M F BLACKPenzler, OttoThe Black Lizard big book of locked-room mysteries : the most complete collection of impossible-crime stories ever assembled
M F BROWN,RBrown, Rita Mae.Let sleeping dogs lie : a novel
M F CONNELLY,MConnelly, Michael, 1956-The burning room : a novel
M F CORNWELL,PCornwell, Patricia Daniels.Flesh and blood : a Scarpetta novel
M F DAVIS,ADavis, AricTunnel vision
M F EVANOVICH,JEvanovich, Janet.The job : a Fox and O'Hare novel
M F FINCH,CFinch, Charles (Charles B.)The laws of murder
M F FOSSUM,KFossum, Karin, 1954-The murder of Harriet Krohn
M F FRONTIERE,GFrontiere, Georgia.Horoscope : the astrology murders : a novel
M F GANNON,JGannon, Joe, 1960-Night of the jaguar : a novel
M F HALL,PHall, ParnellSafari
M F LAWSON,DLawson, Diane.A tightly raveled mind
M F MAXWELL,AMaxwell, AlyssaMurder at Marble House
M F MAYNE,AMayne, Andrew, 1973-Angel killer : a Jessica Blackwood novel
M F McDERMID,VMcDermid, ValThe skeleton road
M F McKENZIE,CMckenzie, C. B.Bad country
M F MILEY,MMiley, Mary.Silent murders
M F PATTERSON,JPatterson, James, 1947-Hope to die
M F PATTERSON,JPatterson, James, 1947-Private India : city on fire
M F SCOTTOLINE,LScottoline, LisaBetrayed : a Rosato & Associates novel
M F SHEPHERD,LShepherd, Lynn, 1964-The pierced heart : a novel
M F SIGER,JSiger, JeffreySons of Sparta : a Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis mystery
M F SPENCER,SSpencer, Sally, 1949-Supping with the devil : a DCI Paniatowski mystery
M F STEVENS,MStevens, Mark, 1954-Trapline : an Allison Coil mystery
M F WEAVER,AWeaver, Ashley.Murder at the Brightwell : a mystery
M F WHITTLE,TWhittle, TinaDeeper than the grave
M F YUYu, Ovidia, 1961-Aunty Lee's deadly specials
Call NumberAuthorTitle
S F EVANS,CEvans, Chris (Chris R.)Of bone and thunder : a novel
S F HUFF,THuff, TanyaThe future falls
S F KRESS,NKress, Nancy.Yesterday's kin
S F LACKEY,MLackey, Mercedes.Collision : book four in the secret world chronicle
S F LIU,CLiu, Cixin.The three-body problem
S F LOWBALLMartin, George R. RLowball
S F MARILLIER,JMarillier, Juliet.Dreamer's pool : a Blackthorn & Grim novel
S F MODESITT,LModesitt, L. E., Jr., 1943-Heritage of Cyador
Call NumberAuthorTitle
W F MARCH,JMarch, J. D.Dance with the devil : the devil's own, book one
Call NumberAuthorTitle
YA F BARNESBarnes, Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn)Killer instinct : a Naturals novel
YA F BROWNBrown, Rachel Manija.Stranger
YA F CARRIGERCarriger, GailWaistcoats & weaponry
YA F CLAIBORNEClaiborne, Erin.A hero at the end of the world
YA F CLAREClare, Cassandra.The Bane chronicles
YA F DE LA CRUZDe la Cruz, Melissa, 1971-Stolen
YA F FEINSTEINFeinstein, John.The walk on
YA F FINNEGANFinnegan, Amy.Not in the script : an If only novel
YA F FOLEYFoley, Jessie Ann.Carnival at Bray : a novel
YA F GRAYGray, Claudia.A thousand pieces of you
YA F HANNAHHannah, Andrea.Of scars and stardust
YA F HIAASENHiaasen, Carl.Skink--no surrender
YA F HUNTERHunter, Erin.The Blazing Star
YA F KAGAWAKagawa, Julie.Talon
YA F KINCAIDKincaid, S. J.Catalyst
YA F LaFEVERSLaFevers, Robin.Mortal heart
YA F McARTHURMcArthur, ShalleeThe unhappening of Genesis Lee
YA F McBRIDEMcBride, Susan, 1964-Very bad things
YA F McNEILMcNeil, Gretchen.Get even
YA F PHILPOTPhilpot, Chelsey.Even in paradise
YA F SHAWShaw, Tucker.Oh yeah, Audrey!
YA F WILLIAMSWilliams, Sean, 1967-Crashland : a Twinmaker novel
Call NumberAuthorTitle
YA F ADACHIAdachi, Toka.Noragami : stray god. 1
YA F ADACHIAdachi, Toka.Noragami : stray god. 2
YA F AMEMIYAAmemiya, Yuki.07-ghost. 1
YA F AMEMIYAAmemiya, Yuki.07-Ghost. 2
YA F CARROLLCarroll, Emily.Through the woods
YA F KANNOKanno, Aya, 1980-Otomen. Vol. 15
YA F KANNOKanno, Aya, 1980-Otomen. Vol. 16
YA F MORIMori, Kaoru, 1978-A bride's story. [Volume] 6
YA F RYUMONRyumon, Ryō, 1962-Bloody Monday. 07
YA F RYUMONRyumon, Ryō, 1962-Bloody Monday. 08
YA F SHIRODAIRAShirodaira, Kyō, 1974- Spiral. The bonds of reasoning, 9
YA F SHIRODAIRAShirodaira, Kyō, 1974-Spiral. The bonds of reasoning, 10
YA F SLOTTSlott, Dan.The amazing Spider-Man. Vol. 1, The Parker luck
YA F WATASEWatase, Yuu, 1970-Arata, the legend. 11
YA F WATASEWatase, Yuu, 1970-Arata, the legend. 12
Call NumberAuthorTitle
001.944 GODFREYGodfrey, Linda S.American monsters : a history of monster lore, legends, and sightings in America
Call NumberAuthorTitle
153.15 CAREYCarey, Benedict.How we learn : the surprising truth about when, where, and why it happens
155.332 KIPNISKipnis, Laura.Men : notes from an ongoing investigation
Call NumberAuthorTitle
200.956 RUSSELLRussell, Gerard,Heirs to forgotten kingdoms : journeys into the disappearing religions of the Middle East
201.76332 ARMSTRONGArmstrong, Karen, 1944-Fields of blood : religion and the history of violence
202.11 CHOPRAChopra, DeepakThe future of God : a practical approach to spirituality for our times
204.2 STRASSMANStrassman, Rick, 1952-DMT and the soul of prophecy : a new science of spiritual revelation in the Hebrew Bible
204.46 LANELane, Belden C., 1943-Backpacking with the saints : wilderness hiking as spiritual practice
231.73 METAXASMetaxas, Eric.Miracles : what they are, why they happen, and how they can change your life
232 CARROLLCarroll, James, 1943-Christ actually : the son of God for the secular age
248.843 TIPPETTSTippetts, Kara.The hardest peace : expecting grace in the midst of life's hard
289.322 STEINBERGSteinberg, AviThe lost Book of Mormon : a journey through the mythic lands of Nephi, Zarahemla, and Kansas City, Missouri
Call NumberAuthorTitle
303.483 CARRCarr, Nicholas G., 1959-The glass cage : automation and us
303.49 ORESKESOreskes, Naomi.The collapse of western civilization : a view from the future
324.13 LICHTBLAULichtblau, Eric.The Nazis next door : how America became a safe haven for Hitler's men
328.73 BAIBai, MattAll the truth is out : the week politics went tabloid
338.761025 SCHMIDTSchmidt, Eric, 1955 April 27-How Google works
338.76636 ELMOREElmore, Bartow J.Citizen Coke : the making of Coca-Cola capitalism
344.035 SIMONSimon, Jonathan, 1959-Mass incarceration on trial : a remarkable court decision and the future of prisons in America
355.0092 McCAINMcCain, John, 1936-Thirteen soldiers : a personal history of Americans at war
355.033 ROTHKOPFRothkopf, David J. (David Jochanan), 1955-National insecurity : American leadership in an age of fear
355.12 SAMETSamet, Elizabeth D.No man's land : preparing for war and peace in post-9/11 America
394.2663 CHRISTMASLatham, Tanner.Christmas all through the South : [joyful memories, timeless moments, enduring traditions]
394.2663 SMITHSmith, Joanne Huist.The 13th gift : a true story of a Christmas miracle
Call NumberAuthorTitle
428.1 MERRITTMerritt, Stephin101 two-letter words
Call NumberAuthorTitle
500 BESTFolger, Tim.The Best American science and nature writing.
541.22 GRAYGray, Theodore W.Molecules : the elements and the architecture of everything
551.552 MILESMiles, Kathryn, 1974-Superstorm : nine days inside Hurricane Sandy
Call NumberAuthorTitle
616.042 KENNEALLYKenneally, Christine.The invisible history of the human race : how DNA and history shape our identities and our futures
616.399 ALIAli, Naheed, 1981-Understanding celiac disease : an introduction for patients and caregivers
616.462 STANLEYStanley, Kathleen, 1963-50 things you need to know about diabetes : expert tips for taking control
616.858842 AUSTINAustin, Paul, 1955-Beautiful eyes : a father transformed
616.994 GERSONGerson, Charlotte.Healing the Gerson way : defeating cancer and other chronic diseases
616.99449 JACOBSJacobs, Hollye.The silver lining : a supportive and insightful guide to breast cancer
641.3 JURAFSKYJurafsky, Dan, 1962-The language of food : a linguist reads the menu
641.86 GREENSPANGreenspan, Dorie.Baking chez moi : recipes from my Paris home to your home anywhere
646.70082 SCOTTScott, Jennifer L. (Jennifer Lynn)At home with Madame Chic : becoming a connoisseur of daily life
648 KONDOKondō, Marie,The life-changing magic of tidying up : the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing
Call NumberAuthorTitle
726.5 HENDERSONHenderson, Bill, 1941-Cathedral : an illness and a healing : a memoir
741.5 INMANInman, MatthewThe terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances
747 WESTWest, Shaunna.The $50 home makeover : 75 easy projects to transform your current space into your dream place-- for $50 or less!
791.3 SIMONSimon, Linda.The greatest shows on earth : a history of the circus
791.4372 ELWESElwes, Cary, 1962-As you wish : inconceivable tales from the making of The Princess Bride
796.812 SCHULTZSchultz, Mark, 1960-Foxcatcher : the true story of my brother's murder, John du Pont's madness, and the quest for Olympic gold
796.96206 RUTHERFORDRutherford, Jeremy, 1975-100 things Blues fans should know & do before they die
Call NumberAuthorTitle
811.6 NEWMANNewman, Richard, 1966-All the wasted beauty of the world : poems
813.6 MARTINMartin, George R. R.The world of ice & fire : the untold history of Westeros and the Game of Thrones
814.08 BESTAtwan, Robert.The best American essays /
817.6 ORTBERGOrtberg, Mallory.Texts from Jane Eyre : and other conversations with your favorite literary characters
Call NumberAuthorTitle
910.4 BESTThe Best American travel writing.
914.7 GREENEGreene, David, 1976-Midnight in Siberia : a train journey into the heart of Russia
940.31 TOOZETooze, J. Adam.The deluge : the Great War and the remaking of global order, 1916-1931
940.5336 MOOREHEADMoorehead, Caroline.Village of secrets : defying the Nazis in Vichy France
941.084 MAIERMaier, Thomas, 1956-When lions roar : the Churchills and the Kennedys
942.04 JONESJones, Dan, 1981-The Wars of the Roses : the fall of the Plantagenets and the rise of the Tudors
943.155 MacLEANMacLean, Rory, 1954-Berlin : portrait of a city through the centuries
947.0862 DAWISHADawisha, Karen.Putin's kleptocracy : who owns Russia?
956.70443 BOLGERBolger, Daniel P., 1957-Why we lost : a general's inside account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
956.70443 SCHULTZSchultz, Howard.For love of country : what our veterans can teach us about citizenship, heroism, and sacrifice
958.1047 FAIRWEATHERFairweather, Jack.The good war : why we couldn't win the war or the peace in Afghanistan
967.61042 SALLERSaller, KateThe moon in your sky : an immigrant's journey home
973.0451 LAURINOLaurino, Maria.The Italian Americans : a history
973.46 SISSONSisson, Dan, 1937-The American revolution of 1800 : how Jefferson rescued democracy from tyranny and faction and what this means today
973.932 TODDTodd, Chuck, 1972-The stranger : Barack Obama in the White House
977.866 BRADLEYBradley, Marilynne.Once upon a time in St. Louis : an illustrated trip through the past
977.866 CARVERCarver, Nancy Ellen.Making tracks : the untold story of horse racing in St. Louis, 1767-1905
977.866 MERKELMerkel, Jim.Hoosiers and Scrubby Dutch : St. Louis's south side
Call NumberAuthorTitle
B BLANCO,RBlanco, Richard, 1968-The prince of Los Cocuyos : a Miami childhood
B BUSH,G BUSBush, George W. (George Walker), 1946-41 : a portrait of my father
B CLEESE,JCleese, John.So, anyway...
B COHEN,ACohen, Andy, 1968-The Andy Cohen diaries : a deep look at a shallow year
B FRANCIS SCAScavo, Nello.Bergoglio's list : how a young Francis defied a dictatorship and saved dozens of lives
B FUHR,GFuhr, Grant, 1962-Grant Fuhr : the story of a hockey legend
B HOPE,B ZOGZoglin, Richard.Hope : entertainer of the century
B HUSTON,AHuston, Anjelica.Watch me : a memoir
B JONES,B TRYTrynka, Paul.Brian Jones : the making of the Rolling Stones
B LAMOTT,ALamott, Anne.Small victories : spotting improbable moments of grace
B LEWIS,J BRABragg, Rick.Jerry Lee Lewis : his own story
B LOREN,SLoren, Sophia, 1934-Yesterday, today, tomorrow : my life
B LOVELACE,A ESSEssinger, James, 1957-Ada's algorithm : how Lord Byron's daughter Ada Lovelace launched the digital age
B McCANDLESS,C McCMcCandless, Carine.The wild truth
B MICHAELS,AMichaels, Al,You can't make this up : miracles, memories, and the perfect marriage of sports and television
B NAPOLEON I ROBRoberts, Andrew, 1963-Napoleon : a life
B SANTANA,CSantana, CarlosThe universal tone : bringing my story to light
B SHIELDS,BShields, Brooke, 1965-There was a little girl : the real story of my mother and me
B SHORT,MShort, Martin, 1950-I must say : my life as a humble comedy legend
B TURING,A HODHodges, Andrew.Alan Turing : the enigma
B YOUNG,NYoung, Neil, 1945-Special deluxe
B ZOMBORY-MOLDOVANZombory-Moldován, Béla, 1885-1967.The burning of the world : a memoir of 1914
Call NumberAuthorTitle
LP F BAGSHAWE,TBagshawe, TillySidney Sheldon's chasing tomorrow
LP F BALDACCI,DBaldacci, David,The escape
LP F BLOOM,ABloom, Amy, 1953-Lucky us : a novel
LP F CONNELLY,MConnelly, Michael, 1956-The burning room : a novel
LP F CORNWELL,PCornwell, Patricia Daniels.Flesh and blood : a Scarpetta novel
LP F COULTER,CCoulter, Catherine.The lost key
LP F EVANOVICH,JEvanovich, JanetThe job : a Fox and O'Hare novel
LP F FORD,RFord, Richard, 1944-Let me be Frank with you : a Frank Bascombe book
LP F GREGORY,PGregory, PhilippaThe king's curse
LP F HANNAH,SHannah, Sophie, 1971-The monogram murders : the new Hercule Poirot mystery
LP F HILDERBRAND,EHilderbrand, ElinWinter street : a novel
LP F JANCE,JJance, J. A. (Judith A.)Remains of innocence
LP F MACOMBER,DMacomber, DebbieMr. Miracle : a Christmas novel
LP F McCALL SMcCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-The Handsome Man's De Luxe Cafe
LP F MOTT,JMott, Jason.The wonder of all things
LP F PATTERSON,JPatterson, James, 1947-Hope to die
LP F PATTERSON,JPatterson, James, 1947-Private down under
LP F PATTERSON,JPatterson, James, 1947-Private India: city on fire
LP F PICOULT,JPicoult, Jodi, 1966-Leaving time
LP F ROBERTS,NRoberts, Nora.Blood magick
LP F STEEL,DSteel, Danielle.Pegasus : a novel
Call NumberAuthorTitle
LP 248.4 OSTEENOsteen, JoelYou can, you will : 8 undeniable qualities of a winner
LP 636.7 DENIZETDenizet-Lewis, Benoit.Travels with Casey
LP 940.5412 O'REILLYO'Reilly, Bill.Killing Patton : the strange death of World War II's most audacious general
Call NumberAuthorTitle
DVD 720.92 SKETCHESSketches of Frank Gehry
DVD 781.66 CAPTAINCaptain Beefheart : under review
DVD 781.66 FROMFrom straight to bizarre : Zappa, Beefheart, Alice Cooper and LA's lunatic fringe.
DVD 781.66 VANVan Morrison : a glorious decade : under review : 1964-1974.
DVD 792.23 BILLYBilly Crystal 700 Sundays
DVD 799.32 ONEOne shot, one life
DVD BEGINBegin again
DVD DEATHDeath comes to Pemberley
DVD DETAILSThe details
DVD MADMad men. The final season, part 1.
DVD MOSTA most wanted man
DVD NEWSROOMThe newsroom. The complete second season
DVD ONCEOnce upon a time in Queens
DVD RADIORadio free Albemuth
DVD THEYThey came together
DVD TWENTY22 Jump Street
DVD WINDThe wind rises
DVD WISHWish I was here
Call NumberAuthorTitle
CD MUS/ST CINDERELLARodgers, Richard, 1902-1979Cinderella
CD POP BROOKSBrooks, GarthMan against machine Garth Brooks.
CD POP FOOFoo Fighters (Musical group)Sonic highways
CD POP HOZIERHozier.Hozier
CD XMAS CELTICCeltic Thunder (Musical group : 2007-)Holiday symphony
Call NumberAuthorTitle
CD 394.2663 SMITHSmith, Joanne HuistThe 13th gift : a true story of a Christmas miracle
CD 618.2 WORTHWorth, Jennifer, 1935-2011.Call the midwife. Farewell to the East End
CD 618.2 WORTHWorth, Jennifer, 1935-2011.Call the midwife. Shadows of the workhouse
CD 797.123 BROWNBrown, Daniel, 1951-The boys in the boat : nine Americans and their epic quest for gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics
CD 811.54 COLLINSCollins, Billy.Aimless love : a selection of poems
CD B SHEEHYSheehy, GailDaring : my passages
CD F CONNELLYConnelly, Michael.The burning room
CD F CORNWELLCornwell, Patricia Daniels.Flesh and blood : a Scarpetta novel
CD F CUSSLERCussler, Clive.The eye of heaven
CD F GRISHAMGrisham, John.Gray Mountain
CD F JOHANSENJohansen, Iris.The perfect witness
CD F KARONKaron, Jan, 1937-Somewhere safe with somebody good
CD F KINGKing, Stephen, 1947-A good marriage Stephen King.
CD F KINGKing, Stephen, 1947-Revival : a novel
CD F MACOMBERMacomber, DebbieMrs. Miracle
CD F MORIARTYMoriarty, Liane.Big little lies
CD F NICHOLLSNicholls, David, 1966-Us
CD F PATTERSONPatterson, James, 1947-Burn
CD F PATTERSONPatterson, James, 1947-Private down under
CD F PATTERSONPatterson, James, 1947-Private India : city on fire
CD F PATTERSONPatterson, James, 1947-Hope to die
CD F PRESTONPreston, Douglas J.Blue labyrinth
CD F ROBBRobb, J. D., 1950-Festive in death
CD F ROBERTSRoberts, Nora.Blood magick
CD F ROBINSONRobinson, Marilynne.Lila : a novel
CD F SCOTTOLINEScottoline, Lisa.Betrayed
CD F SMILEYSmiley, Jane.Some luck
CD F STEELSteel, Danielle.Pegasus
CD F STEINStein, Garth.A sudden light : a novel
CD F THOMASThomas, Matthew, 1975-We are not ourselves : a novel
CD F TÓIBÍNTóibín, Colm, 1955-Nora Webster : [a novel]
CD F WOODSWoods, Stuart.Paris match
Call NumberAuthorTitle
CD YA F STROUDStroud, Jonathan.The screaming staircase
CD YA F STROUDStroud, Jonathan.The whispering skull
Call NumberAuthorTitle
JF BIRNEYBirney, Betty G.Adventure according to Humphrey
JF BOXTROLLSKimmel, Elizabeth CodyThe boxtrolls : a novel
JF BUTLERButler, Dori HillestadThe ghost backstage
JF BUTLERButler, Dori HillestadThe ghost in the attic
JF DISNEYFroeb, Lori.Hiro's journal
JF EXPLORERKibuishi, Kazu X.Explorer : the hidden doors
JF FUNKEFunke, Cornelia Caroline.Emma and the blue genie
JF GREENGreen, Tim, 1963-First team : a new kid novel
JF KEENEKeene, CarolynMuseum mayhem
JF KEENEPetrucha, StefanNancy Drew diaries. #3, The fake heir ; Mr. Cheeters is missing
JF KINNEYKinney, Jeff.Diary of a wimpy kid : the long haul
JF KRAATZKraatz, Jeramey.Fall of heroes
JF KRAATZKraatz, Jeramey.Villains rising
JF MARTINMartin, Ann M., 1955-The Doll people set sail
JF MEADOWSMeadows, DaisyNatalie the Christmas stocking fairy
JF MESSENGERMessenger, Shannon.Everblaze
JF MULLMull, Brandon, 1974-Rogue Knight
JF MYLarson, MitchMy Little Pony : the return of Harmony
JF PASTISPastis, Stephan.Timmy Failure. We meet again
JF PATTERSONPatterson, James, 1947-House of robots
JF PAYTONPayton, BelleA whole new ball game
JF PAYTONPayton, BelleDouble or nothing
JF PAYTONPayton, BelleGo! Fight! Twin!
JF PAYTONPayton, BelleTwo cool for school
JF RYANRyan, Carrie.The map to everywhere
JF SHAPIROShapiro, David, 1977-Terra tempo. [1], Ice Age cataclysym!
JF SHAPIROShapiro, David, 1977-Terra Tempo. [2], The four corners of time
JF SHAPIROShapiro, David, 1977-Terra Tempo. [3], The Academy of Planetary Evolution
JF SIMONSimon, CocoMia's recipe for disaster
JF SIMPSONSimpson, DanaPhoebe and her unicorn : a heavenly nostrils chronicle
JF SONICFlynn, Ian, 1982-Sonic the Hedgehog. 1, Countdown to chaos
JF STARKogge, MichaelThe rebellion begins
JF STILTONStilton, GeronimoDon't wake the dinosaur!
JF WESTONWeston, Robert Paul.Gobbled by Ghorks : a Creature Department novel
Call NumberAuthorTitle
E BENTLYBently, Peter, 1960-Monster Truck mountain rescue
E BOXTROLLSHughes, Emily C.The Boxtrolls : the stinkiest cheese in Cheesebridge
E DISNEYBazaldua, Barbara.Frozen: the essential guide
E DISNEYHitchcock, LauraTeam-up!
E DISNEYLook and find the Little Mermaid
E DISNEYMarsoli, Lisa Ann, 1958-Frozen sing-along storybook
E DISNEYMawhinney, Art.Look and find Disney adventures
E DISNEYSaxon, VictoriaBig hero 6
E GLIORIGliori, Debi.Dragon's extraordinary egg
E HOLABIRDHolabird, Katharine.Angelina's big city ballet
E HOPKINSHopkins, Jackie.Goldie Socks and the three libearians
E PILUTTIPilutti, Deb.Ten rules of being a superhero
E ROCCORocco, JohnBlizzard
E SCHACHNERSchachner, Judith Byron.Skippyjon Jones snow what
E SCIESZKAScieszka, Jon.Race from A to Z
E SHEALYShealy, Dennis R., 1969-I'm a monster truck
E STEELSteel, DaniellePretty Minnie in Paris
E STERNStern, Beth.Yoda : the story of a cat and his kittens
E VAN ALLSBURGVan Allsburg, ChrisThe misadventures of Sweetie Pie
E WINTERWinter, Jeanette.Malala, a brave girl from Pakistan
E WRIGHTWright, Maureen, 1961-Sneeze, Big Bear, sneeze!
H E BRETTBrett, Jan, 1949-The animals' Santa
H E HALLINANHallinan, P. K.Thanksgiving at our house
H E PIERNASPiernas-Davenport, Gail.Shanté Keys and the New Year's peas
H E UNDERWOODUnderwood, DeborahHere comes Santa Cat
Call NumberAuthorTitle
BR BOXTROLLSFox, JenniferMeet the Boxtrolls
BR DEANDean, James, 1957-Pete the cat and the bad banana
BR DISNEYScollon, BillBrave dragon
BR DISNEYSisler, Celeste.Meet Periwinkle
BR DISNEYWeinberg, Jennifer, 1970-Blame it on the rain
BR LINLin, GraceLing & Ting : twice as silly
BR RYLANTRylant, Cynthia.Mr. Putter & Tabby turn the page
BR TEENRosen, LucyMeet the Teen Titans!
BR WILLEMSWillems, MoWaiting is not easy!
Call NumberAuthorTitle
J668.725 SCHWARTZSchwartz, Jordan (Jordan Robert)The art of LEGO design : creative ways to build amazing models
J940.5472 HILLENBRANDHillenbrand, Laura.Unbroken : an Olympian's journey from airman to castaway to captive
Call NumberAuthorTitle
J DVD ADVENTUREAdventure planet
J DVD BELLEA Belle for Christmas
J DVD CARECare Bears : welcome to Care-a-lot. Belly badge rock
J DVD FRANKLINFranklin and friends. Franklin's Christmas spirit.
J DVD HOWHow to train your dragon 2
J DVD LITTLEA merry Ingalls Christmas
J DVD MINNIE'SMickey Mouse Clubhouse. Minnie's winter bow show
J DVD PENGUINSThe penguins of Madagascar. Operation : special delivery
J DVD PHINEASPhineas and Ferb. Star Wars
J DVD PLANESPlanes. Fire & rescue
J DVD SOFIASofia the first. Holiday in Enchancia
J DVD STARStar wars : the clone wars. The lost missions
J DVD THOMASThomas & friends. The Christmas engines
Call NumberAuthorTitle
J BD HOWHow to train your dragon 2
Call NumberAuthorTitle
CD JUV KIDZKidz Bop Kids.Kidz Bop Christmas wish list
CD JUV LAURIELaurie Berkner BandThe ultimate Laurie Berkner Band Collection.
Call NumberAuthorTitle
CD JF FUNKEFunke, Cornelia Caroline.Emma and the blue genie
CD JF RIORDANRiordan, Rick.The blood of Olympus
CD JF RIORDANRiordan, Rick.The blood of Olympus
CD JF SPIRITMull, Brandon, 1974-Tales of the great beasts
CD JF SPIRITSutherland, Tui, 1978-Against the tide
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